SCI/NHBC Stage 1 System Certification

NHBC Standards Chapter 6.10 for light steel framing requires manufacturers of light steel frame systems, which form primary structural components, to submit a system manual to SCI for assessment. This is a requirement for obtaining an NHBC Warrantee for the building.

SCI/NHBC Stage 1 System Certification will cover structural strength, stability and durability. The certification may be combined with SCI Product Certification to include additional aspects such as; behaviour in relation to fire, acoustic performance, thermal performance, condensation risk and water ingress.

For those who achieve SCI/NHBC assessed they will;

  • Receive an NHBC logo to use on their websites and literature
  • Receive a Certificate to confirm approved SCI/NHBC Stage 1 System Certification
  • Have the company name, product description and certification displayed on our confirmed SCI/NHBC list.

For further information on SCI/NHBC Stage 1 System Certification contact:

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