SCI Assessed

SCI Assessed is an established quality mark that is awarded to testify that manufacturers' technical data has been independently verified by SCI. The scheme provides reliability for the performance data offered by suppliers particularly where, for example, the product is new or the performance values are based on testing or calculation methods outside the scope of established standards.

The scheme covers a wide range of products from fixings to fibre-reinforced composite slabs, from software to steel helical piling systems. The aspects of performance which are covered generally focus on structural resistance, however, durability, acoustic insulation and thermal performance can also be included.

For those who achieve SCI assessed they will;
  • Receive an SCI Assessed logo to use on their websites and literature
  • Receive a Certificate to confirm approved SCI Assessed
  • Have the company name, product description and certification displayed on our confirmed SCI Assessed list.

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