Stronger Steels in the Built Environment

This website gives resources on the use of high strength steels (HSS) in structures.

The findings of the European research project STROBE (Stronger Steels in the Built Environment) are available here. The project developed cost-efficient design rules for HSS structures, focussing on ductility, plastic design, stability and the dynamics of floor systems. Four webinars were held to inform engineers how to design HSS in accordance with current European practice, as well as cover brand new developments in design guidance arising from the STROBE project.

Partners in the STROBE project include RWTH Aachen (Germany), Imperial College London (UK), University of Coimbra (Portugal), Dillinger (Germany), Hochtief Engineering GmbH Consult IKS (Germany) and SCI (Co-ordinator).

The new SCI publication: High Strength Steel design and Execution Guide (P432) is also available from this website.

Resources include:

 This project has received funding from the Research Fund for Coal and Steel under grant agreement No. 743504.