The Steel Bridge Group (SBG)

The Steel Bridge Group (SBG) is an active technical forum formed more than 20 years ago to consider matters of high priority interest to the steel bridge construction industry in the UK and to suggest strategies for improving the use of steel in bridgework.


Its vertically integrated Membership comprises experts working for clients, designers, fabricators, contractors and its secretariat is undertaken by SCI. Over the years, a key focus of the group has been to identify and report technical issues with the use of the Eurocodes and to produce complementary guidance reflecting UK best practice. The group has published the 6th Issue of its Guidance Notes on best practice in steel bridge construction (SCI P185) back in 2019, which are widely used within the steel bridge construction industry. The group is currently in the process of updating some of its existing publications as well as developing new guidance.

Whilst the group will continue to look into bridge design, specification and fabrication issues, the SBG is now initiating activities to consider supply chain, sustainability and whole life cycle issues.

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